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How can we alter our marketing practices by taking into account the major role of subconscious?

Auteur(s) : Phil Barden

Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons

Date de parution : 2013

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Breaking with traditional economic hypotheses, current research increasingly tends to agree that our subconscious has a powerful influence on our decisions. Thus, individuals are far from basing their decisions on the information at their disposal. They do not objectively compare the value of different offers, and are strongly influenced by the behavior of their peers, as well as by their own past behavior, sometimes to the point where they “forget” their own preferences. In this book, Phil Barden explains how scientific findings and research can be used to modify our marketing practices effectively. Using many extremely vivid examples, he describes how the human brain perceives information about products on the shelf and how it rapidly decodes the flurry of advertising messages that it receives. He also explains how to better “speak” to our subconscious, for example, by playing on existing associations of ideas.

A book offering a wealth of scientifically-supported, practical ideas.



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