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Coaching Leaders

Coaching Leaders

A detailed description of the various facets of coaching and relevant approaches.

Auteur(s) : Daniel White

Éditeur : Jossey-Bass

Date de parution : 2006

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Taking on management or leadership functions often requires unlearning certain behaviors and integrating new ones. Because this is a difficult and painful process, more and more managers turn to coaching. In this book illustrated with innumerable examples drawn from practical experience, Daniel White shares the observations made over the course of the many years that he has helped managers transform themselves.
One of the key passages of the book is the description of the behavioral change process in chapters 4 and 5. This topic is covered in greater depth in chapters 7 and 12, where you will find many tips on how to stimulate and maintain the motivation to change, identify the best pace for progression, etc.
A large part of the book is dedicated to the work of the coach, the nature of the assignment (chapter 3), the approaches that he or she can employ – cognitive, behavioral, etc. – (chapters 10 and 13), the techniques that he or she can utilize (chapters 8 and 9), the problems that he or she frequently encounters (chapter 11) and the self-knowledge that he or she must possess to help others effectively (chapter 6). Finally, chapter 14 offers a list of classic coaching situations.
Lengthy chapter 2 offers a description of existing theories on leadership. Although interesting, this chapter will teach nothing new to those familiar with the subject and is not obligatory reading to understand the rest of the book.



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