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Diriger, c’est s’en tenir avec force à ses convictions, c’est l’habilité à supporter les coups durs, c’est l’énergie pour promouvoir une idée.Benazir Bhutto

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Building Conflict Competent Teams

Building Conflict Competent Teams

How to develop a team's ability to manage conflicts constructively?

Auteur(s) : Craig E. Runde , Tim A. Flanagan

Éditeur : Jossey-Bass

Date de parution : 2008

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The authors have written a very practical book to develop a team’s ability to manage conflicts constructively. Following an introduction on the reasons and mechanisms that turn discussions into interpersonal conflict, the book revolves around three key chapters. Chapter 3 underlines the importance of establishing a favorable climate, by emphasizing the need to build trust and exercise self-control. The subsequent chapter focuses on the quality of communication by undertaking a systematic, concrete review of the different ingredients of a good dialogue. Chapter 5 proposes a large number of techniques intended to help teams manage tense situations as effectively as possible or prepare for them. This is an effective book, rich in detail and simple to read, illustrated with numerous examples and practical tips, and completed in the last chapter with a set of tests and self-administered quizzes.



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