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Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

"An ""energy management"" program for company managers, inspired by the training techniques of high-level athletes."

Auteur(s) : Tony Schwartz, Catherine McCarthy

Éditeur : Harvard Business Review, oct. 2007

Date de parution : 2007

See this article on the publisher’s site [Harvard Business Review]

"What if it were possible for an executive to multiplicatively increase his or her professional performance with targeted training? The authors of this article took inspiration from training techniques used for high-level athletes to design an “energy management” program for company executives. Their basic premise is that time is a finite resource, but suitable training can significantly increase the amount of work that can be accomplished within a given timeframe.
Although the message is a bit preachy and a little extreme, the lessons to be learned from their experience are absolutely relevant. Their checklist of energy components is a very useful reminder that we cannot neglect a given facet of our needs with impunity. The quick quiz at the end of the article will also probably prompt you to challenge at least part of how you manage your energy!"



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