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Avec les années, j'ai appris que quand on prend une décision, la peur s'en va. Rosa Parks

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Good Intentions, Imperfect Execution?

The mean weaknesses in gender equality programs.

Auteur(s) : Christine Silva, Nancy M. Carter, Anna Beninger

Éditeur : Catalyst

Date de parution : 2012

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How can you avoid the loss of high-potential women? Many companies have invested in leadership development and mentoring programs to make sure that women of value can reach the highest positions, on an equal footing with men. But despite these efforts, women are observed to remain underrepresented at the higher echelons. This report makes a detailed analysis of the existing systems and underlines their weaknesses. It points out in particular the fact that companies tend to focus on development through training and mentoring for women, and through field experience for men. The consequence of this difference is that women have more trouble proving outstanding experience and obtaining the visibility required at promotion time.



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