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Capturing the Green Advantage for Consumer Companies

"A first-rate report on the increasing demand for ""green"" products."

Auteur(s) : Joe Manget, Catherine Roche, Felix Münnich

Éditeur : The Boston Consulting Group, janvier 2009

Date de parution : 2009

An excellent report on the growing demand for “green” products. Based on a July 2008 BCG study of the green consumption attitudes of nine thousand adults in nine countries, as well as interviews with some twenty top corporate executives, this report reviews several key questions, e.g. How is demand changing? What is the price elasticity for green products? What are the obstacles preventing ecologically responsible purchases and what are the main drivers? Some excellent examples are provided as a bonus. This publication is essential to dispel a certain number of obsolete preconceptions about the real barriers to buying green.



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