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The Fearless Organization

The Fearless Organization

How a climate of psychological security helps strengthen creativity, reactivity and staff's performance.

Author(s): Amy C. Edmondson

Publisher: Wiley

Date of publication: 2018

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To give their best, staff members must have a feeling of psychological safety. Only then will they dare asking questions, express a critical view, propose an original idea, provide honest feedback to a colleague, or yet acknowledge an error and learn from it. Psychological safety thus underpins most behaviors that are at the origin of individual and collective performance. To illustrate this concept, Amy Edmonson relies on numerous studies, as well as experiences from medical, industrial, commercial or artistic circles. She shows how, freed from the fear of being judged and sanctioned, staff members are more creative, more reactive in the event of crisis, and generally perform better. She then explains how to establish this atmosphere of psychological safety, insisting on the role of the direct line manager.

A clear and convincing book.