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Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. John F. Kennedy

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Slow Business [French edition]

Slow Business [French edition]

Be more efficient by slowing down and managing your time better.

Author(s): Pierre Moniz-Barreto

Publisher: Eyrolles

Date of publication: 2015

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We have all heard about the slow food movement, launched in reaction to fast food to encourage people to take the time to more leisurely enjoy their meals. The slow business approach is along the lines of this deceleration philosophy. It is not a question of praising slowness, but of making people aware that giving into the frenzy of time pressure is not necessarily the best way to be effective in a business organization. To the contrary, we need to learn to slow down regularly and take the time to let things mature in order to be able to capitalize on all our strength and skills when the time comes! The author gathers accounts from several key figures of the slow business movement. Readers will discover, for example, how Yves Chouinard applies the principles of this movement to ensure the harmonious development of Patagonia. Other famous leaders, such as Steve Bennett, an expert in economic intelligence, or Fredrik Arnander, the founder of Keybroker, a digital marketing company noted for its very rapid growth, share their experience of this need for periodic deceleration. A book filled with accounts that encourage us to manage our time better.