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Sales EQ

Sales EQ

Rely on research in behavioral psychology and in neuroscience to make successful commercial negotiations.

Author(s): Jeb Blount

Publisher: Wiley

Date of publication: 2017

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Winning a commercial negotiation has never been harder, as we are facing an over-informed market courted by numerous competitors. How can you position your proposal to stand out above the rest and win the deal? By caring about the “negotiation experience” of your counterparts, Jeb Blount answers. This sales specialist reminds us that our prospects are human?and hence prone to various emotions and biases. Their decisions do not stem from just a cold and objective analysis of your sales arguments. They are largely influenced by the perception they have of you and by their feelings during the negotiation.

The author relies on recent research in behavioral psychology and in neuroscience to explain how these feelings develop. He describes the brain mechanisms behind heuristic and social biases, as well as the influence emotions have. On these grounds, he suggests different tactics to win over your prospective clients, by playing, for example, on their need for internal consistency or on their aversion to risk.   

A book equally useful for the salesperson and the buyer?it reminds us of the extent to which we are guided by our emotions and our subconscious social responses.