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Petits deuils en entreprise

Petits deuils en entreprise

Understanding the grieving process allows us to better address difficult situations in business organizations.

Author(s): Jacques Antoine Malarewicz

Publisher: Pearson

Date of publication: 2017

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[Small moments of grief at work]

Departure of an executive, dropping of a product line or marketing identity, change in job, shutdown of a site, company acquisition or merger: all these situations can lead to a feeling of loss among the staff—all the stronger since, with the accelerating economic pace, projects keep coming one after the other, without these evolutions being supported by a structured discourse. Yet, we too often neglect the extent to which this challenges the investment in terms of affect and identity of the staff who were engaged in these projects. These unresolved grieving processes can prove costly for the organization, as they generate a form of nostalgia (“It was better before…”) and prevent people from mobilizing for the future.

In this book, Jacques Antoine Malarewicz demonstrates how, by understanding the grieving process, we can shed light on the unsaid and blockages inside the company, and address these situations better.