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Neuro-boostez vos équipes ! [Neuro-boost your teams!]

Neuro-boostez vos équipes ! [Neuro-boost your teams!]

Make the best use of the knowledge provided by the recent advances in brain science.

Author(s): Erwan Devèze, Ricardo Croati

Publisher: EMS

Date of publication: 2017

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This book stems from the observation that we do not take enough advantage of the better knowledge about the brain that advances in science have provided us. In the first part, the authors set about their objective of making an understanding of brain functioning accessible to the reader. They describe its different zones and functions, and explain the link between hormonal flaws and emotional states, mirror neurons and what different cognitive biases exist. The observations are accessible and lead to the second part, dedicated to 12 tips that enable us to act on the structure and functioning of our brain. These tips are both common sense reminders, such as the need to sleep well to anchor learning, and methods to explore, such as how remembering positive memories can influence our mood. The authors notably propose a breathing exercise that is easy to do in a professional environment, which helps reduce stress levels.

Finally, the third part is more directly linked to professional effectiveness: it shows, for example, how to manage a negotiation or a change project by taking into account the brain functioning of our partners.

This book sometimes covers messages already known in the field of management, such as the importance of communication to reassure staff members during a period of change. The readers will find tips and tricks that are easy to set up in their daily professional life.