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The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.Confucius

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How not to let ourselves be overwhelmed by daily constraints.

Author(s): Bonnie St. John, Allen Haines

Publisher: Piatkus

Date of publication: 2017

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Daily life puts strong pressure on our body and on our brain. Stress, accumulated tensions, the feeling of always running, cognitive fatigue: these repeated constraints dig into our resources. Gradually but inexorably, we become less capable of facing difficult situations. Overcoming each constraint requires more effort each time.

The authors of Micro-Resilience describe this process and propose an approach to put a stop to it. They identify five action paths: refocus your mind to avoid cognitive overload; reinitialize your instinctive reactions to avoid being overwhelmed by your emotions; redefine your attitude to avoid being locked up in negativity; re-energize your body to hold the distance; re-energize your mind to remain motivated. Each time, the authors start with real-life examples from leaders, doctors, professionals who are invested in their mission. They decode them in light of scientific knowledge. They then propose practical and easy-to-apply solutions. The remedies are not necessarily revolutionary; yet, they are brought up in such a way that we understand the importance of giving them real attention.

A book that invites you to gain back healthy habits.