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Making Diversity Work

Making Diversity Work

A pragmatic approach to learn how to take advantage of diversity.

Author(s): Sondra Thiederman

Publisher: Kaplan Publishing

Date of publication: 2008

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Very easy and pleasant to read, this book is an excellent guide to learn how to capitalize on diversity. Its originality stems from the pragmatic approach of the author, who starts with experiences—personal for the most part—to demonstrate the omnipresence of cultural biases. Far from presenting them as a fatality or a plague, she encourages readers to think deeply about their own cultural biases. Gaining a better understanding of these preconceived notions is critical to avoid harming others, but also to reinforce company performance. She suggests a methodical approach to do this. You will also find relevant tips on the skills to develop to communicate in a context of diversity, such as the easily-memorable 3Rs: Resist the reflex to react spontaneously when a behavior surprises you; Remember what past experience may have tinged this behavior negatively; and finally, Reformulate the situation with another interpretation of the intentions of your counterpart. Simple, but effective.