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Extreme Teams

Extreme Teams

How some enterprises manage to derive their success from the exceptional involvement of their teams.

Author(s): Robert Bruce Shaw

Publisher: Amacom

Date of publication: 2017

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In this book, the author decrypts the culture of seven successful enterprises (Airbnb, Pixar, Netflix, Patagonia, Whole Foods, Alibaba and Zappos). He focuses on decoding the reasons behind the out-of-the-norm involvement of their teams. In truth, the teams of these enterprises display levels of commitment and performance that are exceptional. Through the seven chapters of this book, Robert Bruce Shaw analyzes what lies behind it. In what ways are these teams different? What can be attributed to the quality of their members? And what, on the contrary, can be attributed to the organization in which they operate? Through numerous examples, the author demonstrates how these seven enterprises have managed to create a stimulating working environment, and to attract individuals who are both ultra-competent and impassioned by their work. He reveals how these enterprises manage to create a climate that promotes high-quality human relationships, conviviality and cohesion within the teams, as well as regularity in reaching objectives, and the appetite for results. These enterprises combine a great freedom of movement on how to work, organize and bring to terms their mission, with an asserted culture, working rules and a management model that are strict and respected by all. Such a subtle balance is not easy to transpose, yet the book remains fascinating. It represents a precious source of inspiration to motivate the teams and improve their performance on an ongoing basis.