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Elevating Learning & Development

Elevating Learning & Development

A compilation of articles that cover the recent trends in the Learning & Development function.

Author(s): Nick Van Dam

Publisher: McKinsey & Company

Date of publication: 2018

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The Learning & Development function has greatly evolved over the past few years. This is what this compilation of articles by McKinsey & Co. consultants shows. Facing mutations in the labor world, the continuous learning and development of the staff have become major strategic challenges for many companies.

Depending on his/her personal interests, the reader will pick among the 19 articles that cover the topic, such as “Optimizing the partnership with IT”, “Curation: Moving beyond content management” or “How to improve employee engagement with digital learning”. Full of concrete examples, statistics and surveys, this publication constitutes a wealth of information on the evolution of the training occupations, on the new possibilities offered by technology, or yet on the latest advances in educational science.