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Build It

Build It

How to maximize staff engagement and maintain it in the long run.

Author(s): Glenn Elliott, Debra Corey

Publisher: Wiley

Date of publication: 2018

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Only 30% of staff feel invested and involved in their work. This bitter observation is the starting point of the thinking by the authors of Build It. According to Glenn Elliott, a serial entrepreneur, and Debra Corey, a human resources manager for over 30 years, the highest performing companies are “rebel” organizations. They break the codes and act differently to stimulate the involvement of their staff, which, in the long run, enables them to be more innovative, to better serve their clients, etc.

The authors present the approaches that, according to them, allow companies to maximize staff engagement. In particular, they have theorized a model named “The Engagement Bridge”, by testing it among more than 2,000 organizations, both public and private, small and large. This model enables you to rapidly evaluate in which domain your company does encourage everyone’s involvement: management, learning, leadership, financial packages, workspace, etc. On the other hand, the model also enables you to identify the domains that hinder engagement.

One of their conclusions is that commitment is never a done deal. It evolves alongside the company—and alongside the staff themselves. You should thus always show interest in it; this is why the authors invite us to conduct regular audits on the topic.