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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.Albert Einstein

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Irrational Loyalty

Irrational Loyalty

How some brands have managed to establish privileged relations with their customers, which allows them to absorb the effects of a crisis.

Author(s): Deb Gabor

Publisher: Lioncrest Publishing

Date of publication: 2019

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Crises are almost inevitable. Despite every possible precaution, all companies are likely to see their image challenged at some point or another. They do not all experience such trials with similar success. Some stumble, incur massive financial losses and take years to rebuild their reputation. Others, on the contrary, come out of it stronger: for them, the crisis is the opportunity to demonstrate their brand promise and to tighten the bonds with their customers.

What characterizes these companies that are impervious to bad buzz? According to the author, it is first the quality of the relationships they have managed to establish with their customers before the crisis, and on which they rely to weather the storm. These relationships go beyond the merchant dimension. They also involve shared values, a communication playing on emotions—while remaining sincere. These relationships form a trust capital that allows companies to absorb the effects of an image crisis. Through nine chapters full of examples (Southwest Airlines, Coca-Cola, Nike, Starbucks, etc.), the author shows how to anticipate a crisis, manage it and brilliantly bounce back afterwards. Without burying her head in the sand, she also analyzes a few failures: Uber, Facebook, Wells Fargo or yet PepsiCo.

Providing in-depth analysis yet accessible, this book will interest both top executives and managers, communication and marketing personnel, or yet experts in crisis management.