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18 January 2013

Avoid blunders that sap motivation

An excerpt from Manageris’ Synopsis No.212a
“Stimulate job satisfaction”

The main source of motivation at work is the enjoyment people feel when they make progress toward their objectives, provided of course that they value the latter!

This condition is not difficult to fulfill. Indeed, a person need only feel that he or she is making a useful contribution to a relevant goal. But numerous management blunders regularly undermined the sense of accomplishment. Being aware of these pitfalls minimizes the risk of demotivating employees by giving them the feeling that they are not useless.

Avoid blunders that sap motivation

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¬ published by Chrystel Martin on People management

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I agree with this report. Every people needs input to work forward and not to limit the owner vision, future, perspective ...

¬ published on the 22/12/18 at 20:50

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