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Internal communication and strategy

Internal communication and strategy

How to converge efforts to attain the company's key objectives? By helping people understand what these objectives are and how they can contribute to their achievement.


The success or failure of a strategy often depends more on how well it is executed than on its intrinsic value. For this reason, companies devote significant resources to internal communication. Indeed, there is little chance that an entire organization will pull in the same direction if people don’t clearly understand and hopefully embrace the priorities established by senior management.

Yet, often the communicated strategy does not translate into consistent initiatives and decisions at every level. Managers, who are both overextended and overloaded with information, do not always hear key messages. And even when they do hear the messages, they don’t always understand them clearly enough to use them as a practical guide for action.

The analyzed publications suggest four ways to clearly communicate strategic priorities in such a way as to align individual and collective efforts:

– Formulate the strategy in a way that motivates people and serves as an effective guide.

– Before communicating, ensure the credibility of messages.

– Have local managers directly communicate these messages to their teams

– Use direct communication channels to support managers in this strategic ambassador role.

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