Cultivate social networks

N°139a – Synopsis (8p.) – Transversality
Cultivate social networks
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Networking is an effective driver to break down organizational silos. How to build your own network and encourage your subordinates to do so as well?

Social networks have not always had a good reputation. Although they are sometimes recognized as necessary for success, they are often associated with unscrupulous social climbers willing to do anything to get ahead, or with people who want to influence things behind the scenes for dubious motives.

This image does have some truth to it. However, it would be a pity to stop there without acknowledging the truly positive side of networks. For organizations, active social networks can be a valuable way to combat organizational silos and thus accelerate the flow of information, facilitate effective decision-making, and encourage people to take initiative.

Managers would therefore benefit from getting involved in the development of such networks, both for themselves and for the members of their teams. To achieve this goal, the publications we have selected provide several tips, of which several stand out in particular:

– Think of building your network not simply as a way to advance your own interests, but rather as a part of your social life that enables people to help and support one another more effectively.

– Analyze the networks of your subordinates and work with them to resolve any deficiencies.

– Encourage your subordinates to develop personal links with one another and to expand their networks to other parts of the company.

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