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Never Eat Alone

Never Eat Alone

Advice from someone who has developed a passion for networking.

Author(s): Keith Ferrazzi

Publisher: Crown Business

Date of publication: 2005

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Born into a family of modest means, young Keith Ferrazzi worked as caddie at the local golf club. This activity was decisive for him, as he was able to observe how important networking is in the business world. Having learned from his golfer customers, he dared to get started and ask his father’s boss for a scholarship, which became a veritable springboard for his career.

Highly pragmatic, his book attempts to show that with the right methods and careful preparation, it is possible for us to develop our network. Because the style of writing is dynamic and often humorous, readers want to believe it! Specifically, the author shares his best practices for tackling a day of conferences as a “network commando”: Don’t use break times to take a break! This is actually the perfect time to deploy your strategy. Don’t aim for the speakers, who will be in great demand, but rather your cocktail neighbors, whom you will have carefully identified in advance. Use the Q&A sessions to make yourself visible and introduce yourself to the assembly. In short, forget the content of the conference and focus instead on making contact with targeted individuals; and quickly follow-up after the event.

Because the author is able to reconcile generosity and results, this book will kindle the desire to play the networking game in even the staunchest introvert!