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A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.Albert Einstein

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Courage, an essential leadership quality

Courage, an essential leadership quality

Growing uncertainty and often contradictory demands make courage an essential leadership quality. But what is courage? How can people learn to understand and manage their fears?


Aristotle stated that courage is the primary human virtue, because it makes all other virtues possible. In business this quality is ever more critical. In a world that is increasingly uncertain, where decisions must be made rapidly, and where lines of responsibility are unclear and different stakeholders make contradictory demands, people must summon their courage every day.

Developing personal courage should be a critical objective for every manager and leader. But how to go about this? From the many ideas in our selected publications, we felt the following to be particularly important:

– Courage is needed in many ways, not only to respond to risk, but also to face the truth, dare to rely upon others, etc.

– We must not ignore our fears: Learning to identify and analyze them objectively helps us surmount them.

– We can develop our courage, which is a quality that improves with practice.

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