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The Kremlin School of Negotiation

The Kremlin School of Negotiation

Lessons from the Kremlin agents' experience about negotiation.

Author(s): Igor Ryzov

Publisher: Canongate Books

Date of publication: 2019

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What can we do when we face a merciless negotiator who refuses to concede anything or tries to manipulate us? To help us defuse the tensest negotiations, Igor Ryzov, a negotiation coach, presents the results of the Kremlin agents’ experience, known for their formidable negotiation effectiveness. However, if such methods are useful to win a one-off negotiation, they do not help develop trust between the parties! This is why the author has actualized them to make them more ethical and apt to set up a long-term relationship.

This book is full of advice and practical exercises to prepare well for negotiations that appear difficult.