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The Intuitive Mind

The Intuitive Mind

Better understand how intuition works in order to capitalize fully on it.

Author(s): Eugene Sadler-Smith

Publisher: Wiley

Date of publication: 2010

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Long rejected in the rational world of business, intuition is making a big comeback. Eugene Sadler-Smith seeks to explain how intuition works, to help us capitalize fully on this quality in areas where well-managed intuition can be remarkably valuable, e.g., decision making, creativity, teamwork, leadership, ethics, resolution of dilemmas, etc.
Based on examples taken from the daily life of typical leaders, the author undertakes to explain the meaning of the "ambidextrous" brain, that is, the simultaneous ability to take advantage of logical reasoning and intuitive functions. In subsequent chapters, he analyses the foundations of intuition, as well as its strengths and limitations. This book encourages us to use our ability to read our intuition, identify the shortcuts we tend to take and the corresponding risk of error, and take advantage of the amazing capacity of our intuitive brain to process a huge volume of information in record time. Supported with proven scientific theories, it abounds with practical advice on "becoming smarter while thinking less."
Although the author covers some aspects a bit too rapidly for our taste, he proposes a fascinating read and incites us to action.