Talk Triggers

Talk Triggers

How to foster and steer word of mouth.

Author(s): Jay Baer, Daniel Lemin

Publisher: Portfolio Penguin

Date of publication: 2018

Manageris opinion

Word of mouth is no marginal phenomenon: it is the driving force behind many purchasing decisions. How can you stimulate word of mouth about your product that is positive and plentiful? The answer is not easy: companies cannot really pilot their customers’ desire to talk about them in their entourage. However, returns of experience show that there are ways to encourage and guide that phenomenon. The authors of Talk Triggers explain how. Specifically, they encourage us to create conversation triggers: details of the offering that will cause users to talk about it and convey what makes yours different. The authors examine in detail what causes a trigger to work. They also present a methodology for inventing triggers through teamwork, testing their appropriateness and prolonging the length of their efficacy.   

A complete and practical book, enhanced with relevant examples.