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The different conceptions of supplier relations present at Chrysler and the lessons that can be drawn from this experience.

Author(s): Thomas T. Stallkamp

Publisher: Wharton School Publishing

Date of publication: 2005

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A former Chrysler CEO, Thomas T. Stallkamp experienced different types of collaboration with suppliers in the course of his career, depending on whether the economy was growing or receding. He shares this experience in SCORE, in which he takes a critical look at what he sees as the over-utilized “virile” client-supplier relationship. In chapters 1 to 3, he recounts the different conceptions of supplier relations present at Chrysler, noting that cooperative relationships appear to be the most effective for all parties. In particular, read Chapter 7 to discover how Chrysler established its concept of the extended company. Chapters 8 and 10 draw lessons from this experience and propose concrete tips and valuable precautions to follow when setting up such relationships.