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Procrastiner pour mieux créer

Procrastiner pour mieux créer

How procrastination can boost creativity.

Author(s): Fleur Daugey

Publisher: Actes Sud

Date of publication: 2021

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[Procrastinating to better create]

Procrastination is often considered as a flaw, equating weakness and laziness. Consequently, most books and articles addressing the issue encourage the reader to vigorously fight this habit, to the extent of eradicating it if possible.

This book assumes taking an opposite stand to this position: procrastinating is a natural impulse, neither good nor bad in itself. Procrastination is inherent to human nature, as it stems from our emotions. It is therefore necessary to compose with it and to adjust it to our advantage. The author first explains the phenomenon: she relies on examples of known figures to underline the advantages and drawbacks of procrastination. She notably shows that it boosts creativity. She then proposes some tips to get out of self-flagellation and manage procrastination in a constructive manner.

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