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Leadership BS

Leadership BS

A concrete and pragmatic approach to leadership that challenges often over-simplistic slogans.

Author(s): Jeffrey Pfeffer

Publisher: Harper Business

Date of publication: 2015

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There has never been so much written about leadership. Blogs, workshops, conferences and training programs are blooming. Yet, data on work atmosphere and staff commitment continue to be negative. This is proof, according to the author, that the actions and discourse that supposedly promote a more inspiring and ethical leadership have little concrete impact. In his opinion, this stems from a naïve approach to leadership, excessively idealistic and remote from reality. Slogans such as “promote transparency”, “play collectively” or “remain humble” are repeated without taking into consideration the complexity of the business leaders’ role and the contradictory demands they must manage. The beautiful fantasy stories that tell the inspiring virtues that would characterize such or such great leader prevent a lucid understanding of reality. This warped vision prevents the identification of the ways to progress in a concrete and pragmatic manner.

Jeffrey Pfeffer explores the conditions in which leadership is exercised, and the compromises they impose upon leaders. He deliberately tackles from the rear the great slogans, without fear to come across as provocative, and suggests a more realistic approach to leadership. A bias that we will sometimes consider excessive, but that deservedly challenges the politically correct to stimulate our thinking.