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Leaders in Transition

Leaders in Transition

How to face the challenges and dilemmas that come with every job transition?

Author(s): Gilles Amado, Richard Elsner

Publisher: Karnak Books

Date of publication: 2007

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The authors chose to approach professional transitions from the perspective of the challenges and dilemmas that confront any manager who takes on new functions.

The tension between transforming and consolidating the organization of which we are taking charge, or between taking time to prepare the future and moving fast to obtain quick results, will probably resonate with many a reader! Admittedly, the first three months on the job aren’t the only time these dilemmas arise, but this is when managers feel the most torn.

This book also has the merit of addressing the boss’s point of view. Ensuring that newcomers understand their assignments and helping them build their legitimacy are key drivers that bosses can use to secure the latters’ success.

It takes time to get a handle on a new job, but newcomers must send rapid signals to their subordinates, boss and the environment. This book helps the reader renounce overly ambitious objectives in the first weeks on the job in order to focus on the most important initiatives.