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A theoretical and practical look at a rarely addressed topic: self-awareness.

Author(s): Tasha Eurich

Publisher: Crown Business

Date of publication: 2017

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This book focuses on a topic that is rarely addressed in leadership literature, while yet at the heart of the development of business leaders: the knowledge of ourselves. Tasha Eurich is both a researcher and a consultant. She has accompanied numerous leaders in their search for a better understanding of who they are—and relies on this experience to shed light on this topic.

She first helps us to better understand the concept. She underlines its two facets: one focused on understanding our own operating mode; the other on the awareness of the way we are perceived by our entourage. She then refines her reasoning by describing the seven pillars of self-knowledge: knowing our values, our passions, our aspirations, etc. Next, she alerts us to the traps and obstacles that prevent self-lucidity and that lead most leaders to develop a distorted vision of themselves. She finally proposes precise and varied approaches to get to know ourselves better.

An eye-opening book, illustrated with many examples taken from experience.