How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

Bill Gates provides an overview of climate challenges and possible solutions.

Author(s): Bill Gates

Publisher: Allen Lane

Date of publication: 2021

Manageris opinion

51 billion tons of greenhouse gases: this is the current net annual volume of our emissions at the global level. A number that we need to bring down to zero by 2050 to prevent the worst climate scenarios. It is with this gigantic challenge that Bill Gates’ latest book starts. Neither utopian nor defeatist, he reviews the challenges and the solutions, item per item: industry, agriculture, transportation, construction, heating and air conditioning, etc. For each, he details the technologies already available, their costs and their implementation conditions, without skipping the fields for which innovation must still accelerate to meet the needs. The argument is thorough, supported by up-to-date data. Bill Gates also insists on the necessary evolution of regulations and on its implications for businesses. A dense and complete panorama.