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Flex or Fail

Flex or Fail

What will the labor market look like in a decade, and how can you rethink your strategy for talent management in view of this?

Author(s): Arturo Bris, Tony Felton, Robby Mol

Publisher: CB

Date of publication: 2019

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In Flex or Fail, the authors describe what the labor market could look like in a decade. By then, automation, the delocalization of high value-added jobs, or yet the development of independent work could affect up to 60% of working people. These evolutions are not yet sufficiently integrated by the companies or the workers according to the authors, who encourage both to get prepared as of now to this new labor order. For companies, the challenge consists in finding new means to attract, recruit and retain talents, while these will be less captive. For the workers, it consists in managing careers that are becoming less and less linear, while developing complementary sources of income or substitutes to salaried work.

The book is probably slightly alarmist. Nonetheless, it reads easily and must be credited with proposing a full overview of the trends likely to remodel the labor market. It represents a good starting point to think out one’s long-term strategy for talent management