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The leaders should all relate to this principle: the governed must be as happy as possible.Cicero

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Essaye encore !

Essaye encore !

Efforts made to solve a problem sometimes result in maintaining it. How can we escape this vicious circle?

Author(s): Estelle Boutan, Karine Aubry

Publisher: Enrick B. Éditions

Date of publication: 2017

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We sometimes tend to sustain a problem while trying to solve it… What systemic analysis calls “more of the same”—and, of course, we are surprised to always get the same result! Thus, thinking that we are implementing a solution, we in fact only reinforce the problem. This book is structured around several examples, such as the manager who must constantly correct the errors of his staff before transferring the files to another team. The more controlling he is, the more mistakes they make. Staff are upset or demotivated and the manager crumbles under the workload… Difficult to get out of such a vicious circle! Paradoxically, it is when he announces that he will pass on the files without checking them (with the approval of his manager, we must add) that the manager succeeds in remotivating his team. Everyone starts feeling fully responsible and puts more attention into their work. The manager is then able to focus on higher added-value activities. The authors thus expose twelve relationship traps common in the business world.

This book is principally geared towards people who already practice accompaniment techniques and who wish to have more impact and further develop their toolkit