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Driving Down Cost

Driving Down Cost

A very readable and practical manual about fundamental cost management issues.

Author(s): Andrew Wileman

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing

Date of publication: 2008

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At a time when markets are becoming tighter, companies naturally pay more attention to tightening their resources as well. However, as underlines the author of “Driving Down Cost,” winning the cost battle not only depends on crash cost-cutting programs, but also—and particularly—on everyday efforts to prevent insidious cost creep. This book helps managers develop their ability to manage costs on an everyday basis. In particular, chapter 2 describes the practices and mindset needed to become a “cost management leader.” Chapter 3 reviews the basic techniques required to obtain a better grasp of cost structure and dynamics. To understand the various cost management drivers by type, readers may consult chapter 4 on people, chapter 5 on supplier relations, and chapter 8 on lateral strategies to pass some costs on to the customer!
This very readable and practical manual covers fundamental cost management issues. This is a book that quickly pays for itself!