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Defining Moments

Defining Moments

Prepare to properly adress the ethical dilemmas every manager has to face.

Author(s): Joseph L. Badaracco

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

Date of publication: 2016

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This work addresses a complex topic: the resolution of ethical dilemma that managers are confronted with. Indeed, the reality is often more complex than a simple choice between doing what is just or giving in to an immoral temptation: we must sometimes chose between two antagonistic options, each of which is morally justified. The author proposes a guide to think the matter through, inspired by the work of philosophers, to help everyone make their own choices. 

This updated new edition of one of Joseph Badaracco’s best-sellers deserves to be read again, 20 years after its first release, in light of the major transformations that the world has experienced during these past years.