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Cyber Crisis

Cyber Crisis

How to prevent effectively the risk of cyber attacks?

Author(s): Eric Cole

Publisher: BenBella Books

Date of publication: 2021

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Whatever precautions you are taking, there are 70% chances that your data are already compromised! Cybersecurity expert Eric Cole alerts us to the scale of this still-underestimated risk, and tries to sensitize us to the pervasiveness of the problem. Beyond the major attacks relayed by the media, millions of computer intrusions happen every day. They even target individuals and organizations that do not think they hold information that is valuable enough to attract cyber attackers. And piracy acts as a silent disease: by the time the symptoms become sufficiently visible for us to realize we are suffering a cyberattack, the damage is already done.

How to prevent this risk? The author reviews a number of concrete actions, available to all—starting by asking the right questions about where data are stored, how reliable the encryption keys are, how access rights are managed, etc. He also indicates the reactions that must be acquired and the vulnerabilities that must be watched.

A useful book, easy to read, that talks to everyone.

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