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Better Allies

Better Allies

Foster diversity on a daily basis.

Author(s): Karen Catlin

Publisher: Better Allies Press

Date of publication: 2019

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Diversity is a daily matter, through the attitudes and the small gestures of each staff member. This is the conviction defended by Karen Catlin, former vice-president of engineering at Macromedia and Adobe. She experienced the difficulties females encounter to impose themselves as women in a senior technical management position; she comes out with a stark conclusion: companies’ pro-diversity objectives and programs are necessary, but their effectiveness remains limited. Indeed, it is important to ensure fairer selection procedures and criteria. But the feeling of being integrated and acknowledged at our true value, despite differences, stems from a thousand concrete details. For example, meeting moderation, task allocation, networking opportunities offered to everyone, etc. And, at this level, numerous cultural and social biases can hinder the effective inclusion of minorities.

The author thus describes, in a very pragmatic manner, the individual and managerial behaviors that permit a real equality to be reached in professional opportunities within a business organization. And she invites everyone to act as an “ally” of minorities. A way to come out on top of the eternal dilemma: affirmative action or meritocracy?