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A Practical Guide to Managing Temporary Workers

A Practical Guide to Managing Temporary Workers

Reviewing the human resources management in the context of a highly competitive talent market.

Author(s): Peter R. Garber, Joseph Mack III

Publisher: ATD Press

Date of publication: 2018

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Competition is getting fiercer on the talent market. Jobs experiencing shortages, highly specialized competencies…: numerous companies are today confronted to the scarcity of some profiles. Faced with this constraint, which will further worsen in the medium term, the authors of this book suggest a review of the human resources management. First, by placing it at the heart of the company strategy: in their opinion, organizations that implicitly consider employees as a cost and not as an asset seriously jeopardize their chances of success. Next, by relying on an open talent ecosystem—which includes permanent staff as well as external providers, temping staff, freelancers, etc.

This book aims at providing a manual to manage these different categories of contributors. Clearly geared to the specifics of the American labor market, it provides a wealth of advice to manage a network of independents. In 10 short and concrete chapters, it raises all questions relative to the recruitment, training, payment and retention of independents. A good starting point for any company that wishes to reinforce its HR strategy on this front.