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Au-delà de l’entreprise libérée

Au-delà de l’entreprise libérée

[Beyond the liberated company]

How some companies went about fostering the autonomy and participation of their staff.

Author(s): Thierry Weil, Anne-Sophie Dubey

Publisher: Presses des Mines

Date of publication: 2020

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We are currently witnessing an in-depth movement: without necessarily claiming to adhere to the “liberated companies” movement, many companies try to foster the autonomy and participation of their staff. Faced with the limits of so-called ”Taylorist” organization model, they feel the need to get rid of the habits that hinder initiative to better mobilize the individual and collective intelligence of their staff.

But how to go about it? How to organize autonomy? What are the difficulties encountered and how to overcome them? The authors of this book have developed ten in-depth case studies of companies that are “liberated” or in the process of “being liberated”. They have observed experiments, among both private companies and public administrations, which go beyond the examples usually mentioned. They provide a pragmatic and unbiased summary, rich in teachings on points to watch and best practices.