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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.Albert Einstein

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Our beliefs Our beliefs

To be useful, an idea must encourage one to take a step back and be rooted in reality.



Several strong convictions :

All leaders are pressed for time.

There are no universals formulas for management.

High-quality management plays an increasingly
decisive role in leveraging performance.

Proficiency is achieved by meeting challenges on a daily basis.

Over the years, inspired by inputs from our readers and clients and from our own experience in the business world, we have formed several strong beliefs which guide us as we produce management content and customized services. The distinctive quality of our products and remarkable relevance for executives and leaders arise from these beliefs.

All leaders are pressed for time.

Leaders’ time is precious. Therefore, we aim to maximize their returns on time spent reading. This is why all of our content is brief and efficient. Clear and highly structured, our synopses allow you to access the most essential information directly, according to your needs. It is also for this reason that all of our content is action-oriented. No matter the intellectual appeal of an idea, what counts the most is its ability to make a difference.

There are no universal formulas for management.

The relevance of an idea or recommendation strongly depends on the context industrial, cultural, human, etc. We do not believe in "the answer to a given problem. Our approach consists in using our extensive reading on a subject to provide information upon which to reflect and frameworks with which our readers can come to their own conclusions. We provide information which helps you take a broader view of the subject, as well as examples of methods and ways in which strategies have been implemented, which can in turn be adapted to many different environments.

High-quality management has an increasingly decisive role in leveraging performance.

The success of a company is increasingly determined by the quality of its management. In particular, it relies on personal qualities, an area for which we provide information enabling our readers to reflect on their current practices and the impact of those practices on their teams. It also relies on management’s strategic and decision-making abilities, which we help reinforce by offering a broader knowledge of various analytical models. Finally, a company’s success relies on its leaders’ moral and ethical qualities. The fact that daily pressures make it challenging to consistently apply these qualities in actual practice underlines the importance of taking a step back on a regular basis.

Proficiency is achieved by meeting challenges on a daily basis

Challenging one’s limits and moving beyond one’s comfort zone to experiment with new approaches develops leadership. It is not by adhering to a principle that we sustainably change our behaviors, but by noticing that the principle in question is truly effective in action. It is to this end that we have designed our publications and solutions. Short and efficient, easy to read even when pressed for time, they offer benchmarks and concrete advice for handling unexpected or difficult situations. They help you try out new behaviors or new strategies as well as learn from this experimentation process. This is how our publications go beyond simply providing opportunities to develop your general knowledge and actually help you leverage business performance.

Etienne Baërd

Chief Executive Officer

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Chrystel Martin

Managing Director

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Conflict helps a team to function properly.