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Survival of the most self-aware

An anaysis of the results of several thousands of 360° evaluation, underlining the scale of the lack of self-knowledge, even at the highest positions

Author(s): J. Evelyn Orr

Publisher: Korn Ferry Institute

Date of publication: 2012

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Knowing our strengths and weaknesses, soliciting feedback and taking it into consideration, recognizing our mistakes and learning the lessons… Self-awareness is a key success factor for business executives and leaders. The talent-management consulting firm Korn Ferry has developed an evaluation tool of this self-awareness, ProSpective. This article shares its main learnings, based on a first phase of nearly 3,000 evaluations. It notably underlines the sheer scale of the lack of self-knowledge, even at the highest positions. Two statistics that we should particularly remember: 80% of the professionals who were evaluated were unaware of at least one of their weaknesses, and 40% ignored at least one of their strengths.

A beneficial awareness enabler.

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