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Management is nothing more than motivating other people. Lee Iacocca

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Your challenges Your challenges

We help mobilize your teams in developing and implementing their leadership skills. And more...


A specialist in leadership and managerial development, Manageris delivers expertise that is particularly valuable when mobilizing a dispersed population of executives and managers to change their behaviors at work.

Here are some challenges we have addressed :



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The need ot change is clear. Managers have received dedicated training. Why are behaviors so hard to change, back in the field?

Transform management culture

The culture of a company is shaped when managers choose one behavior or another to cope with daily dilemmas. To transform business culture, we help managers understand the impact of their behavior on the success of the strategy. But above all, we provide them with practical guidance in implementing new behaviors.

Why do so few employees feel directly concerned, even though the challenges facing the company are clear?

Mobilize people company-wide

Redefining the business plan is a fascinating project…. particularly for the management team and the person in charge of the project! For the rest of the company, it is often difficult to feel truly involved: “How does this concern me directly?” We help managers explain how and why each employee will benefit from committing to the project. In particular, we help organize the communication of good practices and the sharing of feedback in order to speed up project delivery.

The leadership standards have been formalized. All managers know how they will be evaluated on these skills. Why do they not focus more effort on progressing in these areas?

Deploy leadership standards

It is not enough to define expected behaviors and to adjust career progression accordingly. Motivation is not always the issue. Rather, faced with these expectations, many managers and leaders feel helpless. We help businesses translate their target behaviors into concrete and achievable courses of action. And we regularly draw the attention of managers back to these behaviors as means to better address their strategic and operational challenges.

The training was very interesting. All participants left feeling enthusiastic and motivated. Why do they return so quickly to their old habits?

Improve training effectiveness

There is nothing like on-site training to help employees understand the need to initiate change and transform their behaviors. However, once they return to the urgency of daily work, many managers see their good resolutions take a back seat to other priorities…. We implement On-the-job Learning® solutions to complement and reinforce these lessons through regular reminders of the stakes involved and concrete recommendations which encourage employees to experiment with new behaviors.

Our processes and policies are clearly defined. Each manager knows what is expected of him/her. Why do we see such a difference between actual practices and our quality standards?

Successfully deploy HR policy

Many Human Resource processes are meaningless unless managers make them their own. Performance reviews, individual development plans, individual bonuses or salary increases, internal mobility, integration of new employees, etc.: these are all areas in which each manager’s behavior makes all the difference. We make managers more aware of their influence in these areas and provide them with practical advice to better succeed in their roles.

Our managers are competent individuals. Most of them have management training or degrees. Why do they often feel so lacking in their roles as managers?

Support managers’ performance

The daily work of a manager is filled with dilemmas and conflicts of priorities. How does one reconcile listening to their teams with immediate performance requirements? How can the manager optimize short-term performance while supporting long-term people development? How can one encourage employees to take initiatives while ensuring rigorous standards and coherent actions? Our online "toolboxes" are available at any time to address their immediate concerns with simple, quick, and actionable recommendations.

Our executives put all they can into the success of their units. How do we unite their energy toward meeting our collective challenges ?

Promote a strong managerial community

Executives invest all of their energy in ensuring the success of those areas for which they are responsible. This often leaves them little time to get involved with other challenges. How can they be brought together to address the company’s collective challenges? We help you capture their attention by providing rich and effective content to help them reflect on their main concerns. We encourage and maintain collaboration by enabling them to share their ideas, their experiences and best practices.



A leader should know how to tell stories.