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Management, it is not an art, it is a discipline.Noël Goutard

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Our expertise Our expertise

Enables us to meet the needs of demanding and busy leaders



Combines two areas of expertise which are usually distinct :

Editorial skills from the field of communication,
and an in-depth, operational understanding

of the challenges facing leaders,
from the field of management consulting.

Manageris stands out thanks to its unrivalled ability to guarantee high standards of quality and its capability of meeting the needs of demanding and busy leaders.

Our quality is guaranteed by our expertise and the processes we have created over the course of more than 15 years of experience. In particular :

Strict recruitment criteria

Our editors and project managers combine top educational backgrounds, intimate knowledge of the business world and a passion for tracking down and highlighting the ideas that help make a difference. In addition to their extensive experience, each consultant benefit from intensive training. Knowledge transfer occurs over several years through close supervision from senior management.

Rigorous processes of collective production

Company-wide adherence to our editorial approach is based on rigorous, standardized production processes which involve two or three different editors at each of the various drafting stages of a document. Combining several critical points of view helps us to maintain a permanently high level of quality and through several successive revisions to optimize our articles’ relevance and efficacy for leaders. Therefore, our publications are not a collection of authors’ texts, but rather the harmonious result of a collective production process.

Systematic review of management publications

Our expertise rests upon an exceptional knowledge base, accumulated since 1992. We review the entirety of books and articles on business management and strategy, published by the most prestigious publishing houses, in English and French. This constantly updated knowledge base allows us to address any subject quickly from both an in-depth and a broader perspective.


Etienne Baërd

Chief Executive Officer

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Chrystel Martin

Managing Director

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