Évaluation, trappe ou tremplin ? (in french)

Évaluation, trappe ou tremplin ? (in french)

How to practice evaluation as an individual and collective performance driver.

Author(s): Jean-Guy Millet, Pierre Caspar, Claude Normand

Publisher: Eyrolles

Date of publication: 2010

Manageris opinion

This book offers both an interesting perspective and practical guidelines to use evaluations as a key performance driver. Taking a step back from the actual discussion itself, the authors point out that the impact of the assessment depends on more than just the dynamic between the evaluator and the person being evaluated. It also depends on the authority of the person who requested the discussion and the engagement of those who must manage the consequences. The authors then decipher how to perform effective evaluations and what makes them so valuable from many points of view. They underline, for example, that managers must do more than simply share their observations in order to motivate people to take the required initiatives to improve. They also cover how to balance the need to establish objective criteria and the need to leave room for real discussion between manager and subordinate. They also stress the importance for both parties to prepare in advance for the discussion, to optimize the constructive nature of the assessment. This book provides valuable perspective on a key moment for individual development and for collective performance.