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The Next Level

The Next Level

Behaviors that should be abandoned and others that should be acquired to become a good leader.

Author(s): Scott Eblin

Publisher: Davies-Black Publishing

Date of publication: 2006

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The objective of this book is to help leaders decipher the implicit expectations of their new role. The author identifies nine sets of key beliefs and behaviors which – in his view – must be rethought completely. He describes them in succession, with an explanation in each case of behaviors that should be abandoned and others that should be acquired. In part one, readers will discover the personal characteristics of a good leader. In particular, how leaders must work on their self-confidence and their communication skills to take into account their broader impact on the company. Part two, particularly valuable to managers on the verge of becoming leaders, covers the delicate balance between lateral and hierarchical responsibilities. It reviews the move from an individual contributor model to that of team coach and the transition toward joint responsibility for the performance of the company as a whole. Part three covers the relationships that must be forged with the other members of the management team.
Easy and practical to read, this book attempts to condense the teachings of a lifetime of coaching great global leaders. Although it sometimes resembles a laundry list of what would be required in an ideal world, this book offers an intimate look into what life is really like for those at the top. In simple, unassuming terms, these executives recount what it means to be a leader from both a professional and personal point of view.

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