The Four Factors of Trust

The Four Factors of Trust

Establishing bonds of trust with one's customers and employees alike.

Author(s): Ashley Reichheld, Amelia Dunlop

Publisher: Wiley

Date of publication: 2023

Manageris opinion

Trust is an essential link in our economic system. For a company, it enables the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships with the entire spectrum of its stakeholders. But what is the basis of the trust we place in a company, as customers or as employees? This is the question answered by Ashley Reichheld and Amelia Dunlop, respectively Principal and Chief Experience Officer at Deloitte Digital. To do so, they carried out a simultaneously qualitative and quantitative study over more than two years, involving 210,000 customers and 16,000 employees, in multiple sectors across the United States. The results show that the factors that foster customer and employee trust are identical, and that employee trust contributes to reinforcing that of customers. For each function within the company, the book describes the main challenges to be met in order to establish a bond of trust, and the best practices of companies that succeed in doing so. A valuable resource at a time when trust is at its lowest level in a long time.