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The Enemy of Engagement

The Enemy of Engagement

An active contribution from already strongly committed employees is key to reinforce team motivation.

Author(s): Mark Royal, Tom Agnew

Publisher: Amacom

Date of publication: 2012

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A lot has been written about how to reinforce employee motivation and commitment. Implicitly, this approach to the topic often leads managers to focus on the least motivated members of the organization. But what can one say about employees who love their company, are proud of their work and want to do their best—but who are frustrated that they can’t realize their full potential? According to the authors, consultants at Hay Group, this phenomenon is a major problem, because 20% of employees feel this type of frustration. And the rate in France is closer to 50%! The authors show why the most committed and talented employees are ironically often the most frustrated, due to organizational barriers, bureaucratic hierarchies, distance between decision-making centers and where value is created, etc. Thus, introducing more participative approaches isn’t just a laudable intention; it’s an essential driver to engage and retain talent.