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The Click Moment

The Click Moment

Hard work is no longer enough to succeed in a shifting environment. How to stack all the odds in your favor? 

Author(s): Frans Johansson

Publisher: Penguin Books

Date of publication: 2012

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It would be so easy to explain success by hard work! Hard work is very effective in disciplines where the principles are almost immutable, such as tennis, chess and golf. In such disciplines, a player can attain excellence by investing, let’s say, 10,000 hours of work. The sheer volume of training of the Williams sisters, who started playing tennis intensively starting at the age of three, explains why they were able to do so well on the international circuit.

On the other hand, in shifting disciplines such as business, hard work is no longer enough. Luck is also required to be successful. Based on improbable successes such as the Twilight series, which are not particularly well written, even by the author’s account, Frans Johansson shows that the unpredictable nature of the current environment fosters successes that would not have been possible according to traditional rules.

A book that demystifies success and creates a desire to go out and be bold!