The Business Coaching Toolkit

The Business Coaching Toolkit

A coaching handbook intended for managers as well as professional coaches.

Author(s): Stephen G. Fairley, Bill Zipp

Publisher: Wiley

Date of publication: 2008

Manageris opinion

This very practical book gathers ten coaching tools that cover a range of common practices, e.g., articulating a vision for your organization, managing your time, delegating, etc. Simple, concrete and precise, these tools are addressed to both operational managers and professional coaches, and may be largely applied by managers for their own edification, as well as used for managing subordinates. The result is a manual made all the more effective by the succinct and efficient introductions which enable readers to appreciate the utility of each tool, supported by highly instructive illustrations. Three of these tools drew our attention in particular: the use of praise, constructive criticism, and conscious focus on strengths.