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The best practices to maximize chances for successful reorganization.

Author(s): Stephen Heidari-Robinson, Suzanne Heywood

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

Date of publication: 2016

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Reorganizations are often a feared step in the career of managers in charge of leading them. They invest a considerable energy into them—as well as their professional reputation. However, these reorganizations generally produce disappointing results. The majority of them have a mixed outcome: costs superior to original plans, demotivation and departure of human talent, or mediocre improvements in performance and behaviors. Rejecting the idea of curse, the authors of ReOrg, former consultants at McKinsey, dig in the expertise of the firm and the return of experience of business leaders to enable the emergence of a few best practices. Without claiming to provide a miracle recipe, they describe five steps to particularly focus on. They thus cover the main phases of a reorganization, from setting up the financial forecast all the way to agile management during deployment. A clear and practical book, full of teachings.